The Official Launch of KetchUp Begins @TTDI

The official launch of today was accomplished with much fanfare and camaraderie among TTDI's community cafés. Starting out from Chequers early on with its American inspired dining; to Quartet, an eclectic ensemble of visual art and culinary adventure; to the Grumpy Cyclist, a pitstop for bikers/cyclists & outdoor enthusiasts; and on to Pickle & Fig, an establishment for inventing balanced food selections; then on to Thursdvy with its deeply commemorative spirit and Australian inspired decor; and finally ending the day's Run at the new kid on the block, Aether with its nature inspired elemental concept ~ the KetchUp Crew, KetchUp Media and KetchUp Bloggers had a dash of a great time, a soft sprinkle of friendship, with a generous garnishing of inspiring brand stories from each cafe!

KetchUp resumes its 2nd Day Blogger Speed Run through Kota Damansara tomorrow! Stay tuned!!