Social Program Day 1~

It all rolls forward at some point and restarts all over again~

The KetchUp people Launched its Social Program with Quartet's first ever new concept outlet @Nu Sentral in the heart of Kuala Lumpur ~ this brave new joint that boasts a nicely tucked away express takeaway concept is easy to find and an adventure to spot!

As you come in to the border between Nu Sentral & KL Sentral, Quartet can be seen when you look down the walkway opposite Jeneris by Ah Ren. With intimate seating for up to ten and a surreptitious selection of cakes, sandwiches and of course Quartet's best coffees ~ this little piece of escape for travelers and working people alike offer a small sanctuary of tantalizing taste bud experiences..

What do we mean by this?

The brand Quartet has always been inspired from an eclectic mix of musical elements the bespoke of melodies between East & West, conventional and uncommon, traditional and trendsetting ~ this QUAR/TET identity expresses itself via the glass stickers that are visible from the street above ~ saying "Coffee So Strong It Wakes Up The Neighbors" yet don't shout, with its eggs florentine given to you in a dress down manner, red velvet latte that isn't a cake and still gives you a heck of a kick!, and all these nicely tucked in between Jeneris and Secret Recipe.. Surreptitiously of course ;)

The KetchUp people made this equally little but oh-so-cozy event possible, with~
MuMu the eminent YouTube maker and music-man;
Kym our very own fashion maven,
GreyBijoux the Lifestyle Entrepreneur & Writer, Carpe Diem's Lynn, our songbird Tiffany Liw, ReloadFood's Jason,

MYC friends Kexing and Ian,
Ben Ashaari Bloggers Club friends Yanty, Fiza, Afiq and Shooter Bang Razzy! Of course special mention goes out to Sini's forever KetchUp supporter Mr Terry !! Who conducted our media interviews with the good people behind Quartet.
And not forgetting our special Guest Appearance by Stirling Yiin ~ proprietor of Ashley's @Bangsar, LivingWell Practitioner, all-round entrepreneur and healthcare professional rolled into one. Stirling is also alumnus of BFM's Enterprise Takeaway 2015!

The Brand Founder Wandi spoke extensively on the inspirations of the brand, while the Outlet Entrepreneur Ms. Azian fielded questions from the group on the sense of boldness required to take this leap from being a Quartet loyal fan to being a Quartet Owner. Ms Su, Azian's pillar of support of a super Mom was also there to ground us all with a magnanimous spirit. Thank you Ms Su for hosing us all!!

So it was a merry little event, an intimate social experiment in the challenges of navigating good conversations in between doses of good sandwiches like the Tempala, the Cubano, and the Mozacado; great coffee amidst a Sunday shopping crowd who more than once stopped, asked on the goings-on, and then proceeded into our little, well, tucked away joint in Nu Sentral Mall KL.

Quartet @Nu Sentral .. Find it, and find a small piece of sanctuary for your soul.

And oh, was it really coffee so strong it wakes up the neighbors? Well it was strong enough to wake up this eclectic KetchUp clique from all over KL on a Sunday morning~ that speaks loads.

Your Neighborhood Supply, Now in KL