LivingWell & Ashley's Social Program

The Journey in Bangsar continues..

Ashley's Social Program with KetchUp ~


Our Bangsar Social Program started with a bang last week at Bangsar's premium health oriented restaurant at Ashley's by LivingFood. For many who does not know it, Ashley's is the namesake of the proprietor's sister and the restaurant has been a family business that focuses on the value of living well, as well as the love of truly good food since its inception. And aptly so is the mention Living Well, as the restaurant Café is irrevocably tied in with the practice of LivingWell, an accompanying therapy center for supporting the 5 fundamental pillars of wellness, namely Oxygenation, Nutrition, Hydration, Positive Stress and Healing Fields. Now.. For the benefit of our KetchUp community's enlightened perspective, let's look at these 5 pillars closely and see what they mean for us respectively ~


Oxygenation: The 1st Pillar of Living Well is to always be mindful of your breath ~ to breathe well is to breathe deeply, with proper breath postures.

Hydration: The 2nd Pillar of Living Well is to know your water ~ the quality of your bodily fluids directly impacts your physiology.

Nutrition: The 3rd Pillar of Living Well is to design your food ~ the ingredients that make up your diet determines what goes into making You!

Positive Stress: The 4th Pillar of Living Well is to release your repressed tension ~ pushing yourself out of your comfort zone makes you grow!

Healing Fields: The 5th Pillar of Living Well is to construct your energy exposure ~ the right kind of subtle fields can activate your makeup for optimal wellness.


But how did this gathering of health-conscious Community members really start? Well, it all began from a mission, as with all things ..
Ketchup wanted to share, LivingWell wanted to heal.
To share all that represents the very best of the KL Café scenes best inspirations behind each artisan/specialty brand, and LivingWell to share the sense of empowerment that should be within each person's hand in defining and determining one's personal wellness.

Our guests that day included our Bloggers/Influencers aka the charming couple of Jessica & Darryl, a model and fitness enthusiast respectively; the new community member couple of Yiu Yang & Stephanie, both Body Combat practitioners; our resident Lifestyle & Fashion e-commerce Mavens @GreyBijoux (thank you Azizah & Hazman!); our resident Social Network KBBA's friends, respek to Razzy, Hafiq and our Nurse Lady Syima; as well as a great appreciation to our Media supporters as follows:

To our Official Media Partner SiniKaki's team ~ well done William, Kit, Ivy & Pei Pei! Thank you Team for your wonderful coverage, video and photo work; as well as our invited Media for the Day~ TheWriters Senior Medical writer Mariel, and the BodyMindSoul ladies Janine & Lily! Thank You all for making our event such an auspiciously well beginning to mark the next chapter of KetchUp's beginning in Bangsar!

In his mission to bring this sense of healing empowerment to his local community, our Host Stirling Yiin who is also the Director of LivingWell thought it is of utmost important to do more than to open up a practice .. He needed to show people how to start with the fundamentals and that meant a practical approach to educate the erudite Bangsar community on the basic modalities (5 pillars) as detailed above..

Oxygenation is the one modality you couldn't "teach" per se, except to remind our friends to always take those moments in our busy days to stop, and to breathe deeply..
For nutrition, well, there was LivingFood .. as Ashley's is the namesake of Stirling's sister who also runs the restaurant as well as conceptualizes most of the healthy menu offerings of LivingFood. The brand actually began in Menara Tan&Tan where the brand still resides and continues to serve the busy executive segment ~ but the Bangsar outlet is the one that truly complements the private practice of LivingWell.

For example, the 3 items on Ashley's taster plate that day was ..

So what began as a conversation on impacting our personal perspectives on Wellness between myself and Stirling turned and morphed into a Social Program organized by KetchUp to champion the principles advocated by LivingWell.