KetchUp Turns the Heat Way Up @Damansara Uptown's Prime Establishments on Day 5 of Launch

From our gathering spot @the Hayaki, the assembled KetchUp crew began our thousand step journey by nimbly stepping over to Epicuro, where our Head Honcho met with his stage comrade-in-arms Priscilla for a truly epicurean taste of one of the best Pork Chops in town, with pasta creations firmly mushroomed with the shimeji variety. Having been sated on a truly hearty brunch, the crew as in a deja-vu scenario experienced a hyped up glitch of the matrix when we hopped over to Tea & Tattle where we were tastefully feted to a sampling of this fine establishment's 140 tea variants ~ white tea for early-day and green/dark tea for late-day ~ curated by its jolly proprietor Aven from the US, UK & HK. This man of great presence also insisted on us trying out his signatures with a twist ~ Tea & Tattle may be a new entrant to the Klang Valley scene but hailing from the idyllic town of Ipoh, it has a firm following there who can testify to its teas' curative properties.

Having proceeded a couple thousand steps into the Day's Run, the KetchUp crew continued its hop over to Frisson, the cafe of the elevated moment and its equally imposing owner firing on all cylinders catering to its hugely enthusiastic lunch crowd clientele/fans ~ the KetchUp crew occupied a central table just facing the afternoon sunlight streaming in through its classy glass facade as Darren the owner served us plate after plate of sinfully delicious indulgence with culinary concepts like the Wessy~ it's waffle with specially house blended peanut butter dripped over stacks of cushy good carbs coming together to make a kind of wurger (waffle burger) that's every bit meant to be enjoyed in no less than a messy manner (gentlemen leave our gentility at the side of the table for once!) ~ lol it's an experience to be savored and to Get Social with!

The imperative for the next thousand steps having increased in urgency, the KetchUp crew carried on its hop over to a sanctuary of love ala the Good Batch ~ where Caroline, its beautiful proprietor gave us no respite and fed us much goodness via its time-tested community pleasers ~ old timers at this venerated establishment will remember the Portobello Road, now evolved and enhanced ~ we beseech our KetchUp community members to Never, yes Never miss the good place, good times, good feasting and good social space that is the Good Batch whenever you're in this blessedly good neighborhood!

The KetchUp crew is by now loaded! But the Café Speed Run imperative is only halfway through its Uptown conquest and our steps now take us to ... A transported, psychedelic space ala Battery Acid, an almost secret reserve tucked away amidst an unassuming honest-to-labor row of shops; and upon entering this abstract, design-spirited cafe-cum-concept-store combo, the KetchUp crew met its designers' duo of Swiss and Aaron - a partnership as much in brewing a cuppa as they are in brewing a Creative Collective Community ~ its creative concept being something that one may not be able to place its fingers on immediately but which expresses its free spirit in little quirks such as its Cendol-in-a-Cake concept .. Hmm come one come all and join in as Battery Acid organizes an analog camera exposé this coming month's end, among its many upcoming niche lifestyle themed social gatherings~ KetchUp is destined to be here regularly !

The KetchUp crew now concedes its final few thousand steps to touch base and wrap up its more-than-successful Uptown Run over at the popular Milligram Café ~ yet another designers' and mavericks' favorite that features the no-less-maverick Milligram team @Robbie (thanks for your "Good Morning Vietnam" rendition!), @Trincy (the nicest most gracious hostess ever to bless the hearts & tummies of the vagabonding KetchUp people), @Melson whose coffee maestro epic-ness actually warrants a coffee clip feature on our KetchUp portal (keep up the Mel Gibson spirit man!) ~ we challenge the KetchUp community to find the clip and agree on his interview statement, in which he posited that the first key to great joe is still that elusive, all-important ingredient of pure passion! Check out their pork shoulder-loin cutlet, their most hearty breakfast signature and of course the montage space layout in which every few steps takes you into a slightly different space to lounge and well, lounge some more.. Amidst Strong Coffee, Simple Food & Splendid Desserts !

The KetchUp crew on Day 5 of the official Launch of would like to once again extend its Thanks to our media interview crew @SINI, its youth community media maverick Jason @MYC! (Ur team brings sexy back!), its food media endorser @FoodInk, its social partners from Ben Ashaari and finally ..

From all of us, at the end of much more than a thousand steps, with many sips of love, life and good joe ~ Our heartfelt appreciation to Priscilla & Eugene (Epicuro); Aven & Eric (Tea & Tattle); Brother Darren (Frisson); Caroline (The Good Batch); Swiss & Aaron (Battery Acid); and finally to the amazing Robbie, Trincy & Crew (Milligram) ~ we owe you more than a satisfied palate, we cherish even more the way in which you hosted us moments forever etched in our minds, shared in the social spaces that are your establishments.

Special thanks to our friends, partners and good souled supporters vis-a-viz SINI (; KBBA (; MYC! ( and FoodInk (