KetchUp Trailblazes Through Sunway on Day 3 of Klang Valley Launch

Day 3 of KetchUp was ecstatically experienced at the Sunway community ~ the KetchUp Avengers Assembled at a splendid open air plaza and rolled out to our 1st Pitstop @Whup Whup in a suspiciously curious industrial yarn complex that is highly, and I mean highly reminiscent of the Tyson vs Ip Man scene ~ anyway we digress and Whup Whup offers some of the best Cuban inspired dishes while offering many throwbacks to the premise's origins ~ trust us, it's quite a yarn of a tale ! Then the KetchUp team rolled away on to that pie thing, well it's A Pie Thing ~ where we were feted to all things pie both Savory & Sweet. As Brolin's Agent K said in MIB3, when you got something you can't work through, it's time to get some pie and no better place for that than A Pie Thing! The KetchUp Crew continued our sojourn to that hidden tuck away, Underground Societé ~ boasting a speakeasy concept that challenges cuisine/coffee adventurers to figure out the joint behind the "lemonade" shop ~ it's a blast worth discovering the food within! The KetchUp people continued on to After BlackM, where the scene was packed with hungry lunch crowds, notwithstanding the telltale tributes to the owners' love of old school filmography (hint) and a similarly throwback theme to the basics of good ol' comfort food; from then on the KetchUp Crew raced a few lots over to Garage51, a container concept cafe that Dexter would've been proud to call home, and where a truly Messed Up Family currently holds residence ~ the proprietor (who also holds the owner's key to Underground Societé) assures us that the space was simulated via multimedia wizardry to capture the authenticity of the intended concept before the actual place was put together; ultimately, the KetchUp Team made its final Pitstop at MAPS~ a place made for the love of all creations porcine, lovingly served by the same people who, well, started quite a hype some time back at That Latte Place. Mark and Priscilla!! and Sis, we owe to you our renewed spirits after a long and rewarding day spent on the Run~ you truly made ours a sunny way thru the cafe-dotted tributaries of Sunway!

The 3rd Day of KetchUp's Launch through Klang Valley's innumerable cafe spaces ended with satisfied tummies, sealed with the goodness of renewed camaraderie..

Special thanks to our friends, partners and good souled supporters vis-a-viz SINI (; KBBA (; MYC! ( and FoodInk (