KetchUp Goes Subsonic with a Bang at Subang on Day 4 of Launch!

Day 4 of KetchUp Launching was an exercise in patience. From our meeting point @the Canai, we sailed over to Ahoy Café, in what was fated to be our 1st, yet not last experience of a ship-inspired Café space that boasts an array of sailor hats, a long cabin table fit for a ship's sturdy crew and a madam of a captain who is as cheerful as the morning sun's first rays breaking over the waterline horizon; the KetchUp people then went over to the Hype Concept~ a tea lab, juice bar and pastry shop all rolled into one zen-tisfyingly whole ~ Kelvin the proprietor was fashionably cool and composed as he walked us easy peasy through the enjoyment of all things tea; the KetchUp people reluctantly left that sanctuary to venture over to a whole new wave of Korean love ala Aboong! ~ a concept dessert outlet that offers the world's fave fish shaped waffle filled with ice cream straight from that beloved Hanryu land~ try it and you'll be destined to be Seoul in Love with it! The KetchUp crew then set sail once more and docked at yet another harbor of delights where a strong sturdy crew feted us to some of the best sea-worthy food ever ~ thank you Azmil, Adam and Big Mike himself for your immense hospitality and even bigger hearts! Then on to Meteora we went, where our MYC! partner met an old friend and an unassuming young lady spoke of how a gaggle of family came together, took the Greek for hanging lanterns and it all just kept on going as a meteor shower of support from like minded friends made the space the stellar place it is now; the Crew parted ways for the day with its KBBA Crew and made its final Pitstop @Fling Stones, a place which like the day before, was made for the love of all things porcine and where its partners Kelvin, Sam & Jace gave us the feast for champions that let us recover from the day's assertions ~

The KetchUp Crew was slammed from way too much fun ~ and much thanks go out to our partners as well as our friends from Food Malaysia, Yang Baobei, Uncle Hong, Gary & Stella, Yvonne, Grey Bijoux, and ONfm for making the 2nd week of KetchUp's Launch no less than a spectacular one !

The 3rd Day of KetchUp's Launch through Klang Valley's innumerable cafe spaces ended with satisfied tummies, sealed with the goodness of renewed camaraderie..

Special thanks to our friends, partners and good souled supporters vis-a-viz SINI (; KBBA (; MYC! ( and FoodInk (