It's A Wrap KetchUp People! Launch Goes Out with a Bang and Get Social Starts @Bangsar!

Day 6. Wow. Has it been that long? And Why does it feel so brief?

An Unexpected Journey ~ there and back again.. the KetchUp people Launched its Social Program with its grand finale @Bangsar on the Hottest day of the year in Malaysia~ in the heart of this ultimate social phenom testing ground!

This neighborhood's eclectic mix of coffee establishments had the KetchUp people woozy with excitement as we whizzed through the most experimental, avant-garde and hardcore-honest-to-goodness establishments yet!

Leading up to "It's a Wrap!", we started with a lil bit of bonding between friends both new and old @Raj's Banana Leaf Rice and thence wasted no time starting up with a bang @PULP ~ the Café front of a full fledged coffee company situated right behind Media Prima's Big Tree & NSTP, opening our eyes to the coffee dedication within as expressed via its Cupping Room, C-Platform and Coffee Tech Workshop, a walkthrough second to none as PULP pays tribute to the origin legends of this good bean and the KetchUp people were given a literal and concise master class ~ Experience, Engagement and Education~ thank you Marcus & Austin for your generosity of spirit.

The KetchUp people left the encompassing spirit of PULP to take to Roost, where our Trinity of Café Buddies there showed us true class in the personages of Tong Wei (Strategist Supreme), Albert~ (Master-Chef Wonder-child), and of course Priscilla our Host Extraordinaire who walked us daintily through the teasers of their upcoming menu revamp & unveil happening in early April. From the freshest thinly sliced smoked duck to the upcoming chicken pâté with wild honey, to its artful coffees and crab bisque ravioli; Roost is an experience in Art, in Craft, in Culinary wonderment that beckons all be it families affairs or corporate congregations to come, step up and, Roost.

Next, unbeknownst to the KetchUp people, they would be dunked straight in to a truly epic Hanryu experience @Hanbing, where the Korean wave well and truly asserts itself via the artfully crafted "PatBingsu" snowflake desserts ~ the cameras were literally heating up as pictures were furiously snapped of the hot foods, pancakes, Korean rice rolls and more from their extensive menu even as their signature desserts were cooling the hearts of our trouping KetchUp people~ it was way more than that what we can ask for.. Thank you Mun Yee and Su San!

Side note: The KetchUp people were so inspiring as we moved that its Head Honcho and Media Maven girl were roped in to participate in another traveling crew's documentary project filming on location in Bangsar!

From this Korean confluence, the KetchUp people were transported into an elevated realm just a few lots over at Ashley's ~ where totality wellness takes literal centre stage and food for life is the main affair ~ the riveting Yggdrasil feature that greets KetchUp journeymen as we enter this establishment introduces us to Stirling, the strapping proprietor of this house of healing via its 5 pillars of oxygenation, hydration, nutrition, digestive biochemistry and healing fields~ its food no less tasty for its health-centric philosophy, nay in fact enhanced .. Absolutely come for the lamb burger that's zero-flavor-enhanced with selenium rich red yeast bun, and little treats like its fully cashew-nut-crushed, non-dairy cream.. We even had a glimpse of Ashley herself before we ventured forth into the Bangsar heat once more.. the centered KetchUp people drifted on over to a different space of life totality that is TedBoy ~ albeit the elements held to heart here are the love for good honest bread, family bonding, and of course Ted himself who flies around in a cape serving up good buns and other hot treats (occasionally consuming them with relish by way of demonstration) to remind Us @KetchUp that the soft chewy centre of any good pastry is like the feeling you get when you share good food with family~ we love you too Ted! And thank you Melinda for the Durian cheesecake sneak peek! (Oops!!)

Finally, the KetchUp people had to end their Run and this was accomplished with satisfied smiles at the oh-so experimental joe-joint known as Ojo~ the only place in KL where you may savor such creations as piña colada bubble gum ice blend, red velvet latte, earl grey chocolate mint, creme brulle latte and even Ojo's very own unique white coffee (the Ipoh Boy KetchUp head honcho begrudgingly concedes) ~ suffice to say the Bangsar Day's Run ended on the highest note possible with most of our coffee swashbucklers opting for the with-espresso option to go with their wonderland drinks ~ an eye opening experience of the weirdest and highest degree!

Our Thanks go out to All our Partners at, MYC!, FoodInk,, our various, varied and valued Social Influencers & Foodie Bloggers who made this Run what it truly is~ a magnitude of experience such as has not been had in TTDI, Kota Damansara, Sunway, Subang, Damansara Uptown and Bangsar since Cafés were invented ;)

This is just the Beginning.

Where we go from here.. Decide with us on Get Social at

Love you All ~ YOLO, from the KetchUp People !!