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[Bandar Sunway] Can You KetchUp?

What do you get when you bring in a bunch of bloggers/influencers and unique noteworthy cafes in Bandar Sunway together?

A KetchUp run, of course!

A few days ago, the team at Greybijoux went on a unique blogger run where we went to five cafes in five hours around Bandar Sunway. Now we’ve done our fair share of food reviews here and there, but a full blown cafe hopping spree was yet to be done. So we teamed with the gang at KetchUp Malaysia and Club Ben Ashaari – a group whom not only are passionate about the food that they eat, but also the journey along with it!

So for our story, we’ll be talking about the five cafes we were so graciously received by the dear owners/proprietors of the respective cafes and our experiences with them. So without further ado, we present to you the five cafes in Bandar Sunway:

1) Whup Whup

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