Our Cafes

Every Neighborhood harbors gems that must be found, savored, remembered.. Our KetchUp Angels gather these fresh every week and bring them to you here!

Aether Cafe

At The Aether, we believe that we can re-define how one can enjoy their food and drinks. We believe by being a bit adventurous, healthy food can be tasty and healthy drinks can be fun as well....

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Pickle & Fig

The idea of Pickle & Fig is to offer healthy fresh gourmet panini, sandwiches and smoothies. We doesn’t just boast a balanced hearty palate but also prides itself as a nice cozy neighborhood...

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Frisky Goat Bakery Cafe

Frisky Goat bakery café provides a relaxing environment with a modern European vibe, offering fresh baked bread, home-made cakes, and fine comfort food, all washed down with awesome coffee, tea and...

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QUAR/TET is the place where conversations are made, deals are sealed and the hub of gatherings where people from all walks of life sits and enjoy a warm, welcoming environment with their friends or...

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Chequers serve handmade Waffles and Donuts using premium local & seasonal ingredients set in a fun and whimsical atmosphere.

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The Grumpy Cyclist

Whether you’re stepping off on a weekday morning commute in Kuala Lumpur, looping around Kiara Park or cruising through the neighbourhood of TTDI on a relaxed weekend afternoon, we are a cyclist...

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