Nara Kitchen & Co.

Brand Story

Nara stems from the Greek name that means ‘Happy’ and focuses on healthy gourmet dining, where detailed attention to quality is given to every single dish. Nara aims to be the quintessential venue serving clean eats that are nutritional yet bursting with flavors, in a comfortable and beautiful setting.

Nara offers a range of artisanal baked goods consisting of bread and loafs that are sold individually. They are crafted rather than mass-produced; each baked daily in small batches, with special attention to its ingredients and process. These in-house baked breads are also used in all of Nara’s dishes; Tuna Tartar, Grilled Chicken Avocado, Lobster Roll just to name a few. Homemade soups change daily, and is served with our bread of the day.


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