Battery Acid Club

Brand Story

Battery Acid Club is more than a coffee house. Its a venue ruminating on design and culture with the local community. It hopes to build an environment where Malaysian independent designs and crafts are valued and desired.

BAC is a place for staying responsive to the needs of new ideas by playing host to workshops, showcases and performances for the creative community and educating the public through these shows, will fuel appreciation and value the quality behind them. The artisans will share their stories behind their creatives, giving a rare insight behind their creations, music or book, all while enjoying your favourite cuppa, delectable baked goods and gastronomy brunches.

The space is light and airy, with almost a gallery feel to it (understated for the compelling curious to shine). The set up is pretty minimal, with a coffee bar on one side and a set of seatings on the opposite, however, what is inspirational is that BAC thrives to be a well-sited social destination, by having a genuine rapport with the public, and become a resource centre and a hub for creative minds to network.

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