The Picnic Table By Simply Sandwiches

Brand Story

We have a variety of sandwiches, spaghetti and salad on hand for you to enjoy.

We only use freshly baked artisanal bread that is CHEMICAL FREE. Yes, our bread is safe to consume and does not contain any carcinogenic products that are usually found in most commercially produced bread. Nevertheless, our bread still retains its amazing texture and softness through the use of enzyme technology. Besides that, it's Halal too!

Each sandwich is injected with our special sauces or spice combinations so you know you're getting something different. We are constantly striving to produce impactful yet healthy flavour combinations. If you have suggestions, please feel free to drop us a message! We love feedback and ideas!

We deliver straight to your office building. Thus, our sandwiches are perfect for those who need quick lunch fixes that are still healthy and hearty.

We guarantee that the sandwiches are made on the day of delivery and that you will get great service from us.

Come on and give our sandwich goodies a try!

ps: Please place your orders by 6pm the DAY BEFORE delivery.

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