Frisson Coffee Bar

Brand Story

Good food and cafes usually comes from Australia. Where the food is not only unique but AWESOME in taste. Frisson menu is mostly from Australia and some of the menu is created in house as well to suit the Malaysian taste. Bringing to one level up in the cafe industry.
The word Frisson is defined as the sudden passing excitement-of-the-moment and it transcends into the "sudden excitement of awesomeness" when a customer dines in at Frisson,And that's why our tagline is known as Frisson Awesomeness
Frisson is very well known in uptown that serves awesome 17 different pastas; 3 of which are Frisson's signature namely; Soft Shell Crab Pasta, Garlic Basil Salmon pasta and Ayam Masak Merah Pasta.Other Awesome signatures from Frisson are Our infamous P.TripleB French Toast (peanut butter, Bacon and banana), Donut Ringmaster Burger and our Wessy Waffle Wurger

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