Meteora Cafe

Brand Story

Our cafe not just like any other cafes, we actually love to connect with customers and at the same time serve them like we would our friends, we treat our customers like our friends, our place brings a very chilled, second home feel with better food

We have board games like Harry Potter Destination and Monopoly, we've got cool props to take pictures with, magazines for you to read and if you feel bored, just ask any of us to entertain you!

We are all very friendly and laid back people who love making our time worth while by giving you a very relaxed place with a more feel good home factor to it =) , one reason none of us wear uniforms is because our belief is that we are all here as friends , we bring that escape feeling from all your stressed out hours at work or college.

We're always trying to improve, so if you didn't enjoy your time here, do let us know so we know where to improve.


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