The Humble Pie Co.

Brand Story

Big dreams sometimes come from humble beginnings.
Like a small round pie, for example. Exactly three-and-a-half inches in diameter. A baked biscuit crust, buttery, crunchy, a hint of saltiness. Perfectly ripe bananas, dipped in and drizzled with thick, luscious sweet toffee. Topped with soft billowy clouds of sweetened vanilla whipped cream. Dusted with a jolt of bitter coffee. A combination of flavours made to be together. And it is from this one little piece of pastry perfection that The Humble Pie Co. is born. And this is what we are all about.

The Humble Pie Co. began as an online entity, offering a range of carefully crafted sweet treats, with a focus on our dessert pies, our signature Banoffee Pie (bananas), strawberry, and our best-selling Duffee Pie (durian) and Musang King Pie.

Since we opened a bricks and mortar shop on May 10, 2014, we have evolved into a fully fledged cafe, selling a full range of pies and cakes made fresh from our bakery, and now also an extensive menu of savoury pies, snacks, pastas and house special burgers and Roast Chicken.

We are proud to be homegrown and producing our own brand of food and desserts from our humble shop.


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