Le Petit

Brand Story

We are a cafe specializing in French Pâtisserie. At the same time we provide western food with Malaysian twist. We are small, but we are eager to serve. "There are so many cafés around nowadays, why bothered opening another one?" you may ask.

Well, when we went around town café hoping ourselves, we soon realized while almost everyone is provide nice coffee, but the food section is still a hit and miss. Not to mention the desserts on offer.

We are a bunch of people, serious about not just having nice coffee, but also delicious desserts. To us, it should be a refreshing experience rather one that is overly sweet and fattening. It should be made as a delicacy, tastefully presented, not over sized, with nice ingredients, and it should be fresh without preservatives.

Hence, this is where we set our foot for our little dream: Make delicious desserts available to everyone and anyone who appreciate it.

Hopefully you and your friends will like it here and have a good time in our little cafe.


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