May 2016

LivingWell & Ashley's Social Program

Our Bangsar Social Program started with a bang last week at Bangsar's premium health oriented restaurant at Ashley's by LivingFood. For many who does not know it, Ashley's is the namesake of the proprietor's sister and the restaurant has been a family business that focuses on the value of living well, as well as the love of truly good food since its inception. And aptly so is the mention Living Well, as the restaurant Café is irrevocably tied in with the practice of LivingWell, an accompanying therapy center for supporting the 5 fundamental pillars of wellness, namely Oxygenation, Nutrition, Hydration, Positive Stress and Healing Fields. Now.. For the benefit of our KetchUp community's enlightened perspective, let's look at these 5 pillars closely and see what they mean for us respectively

April 2016

Social Program Day 1~

The KetchUp people Launched its Social Program with Quartet's first ever new concept outlet @Nu Sentral in the heart of Kuala Lumpur ~ this brave new joint that boasts a nicely tucked away express takeaway concept is easy to find and an adventure to spot!

March 2016

KetchUp Goes Subsonic with a Bang at Subang on Day 4 of Launch!

Day 4 of KetchUp Launching was an exercise in patience. From our meeting point @the Canai, we sailed over to Ahoy Café, in what was fated to be our 1st, yet not last experience of a ship-inspired Café space that boasts an array of sailor hats, a long cabin table fit for a ship's sturdy crew and a madam of a captain who is as cheerful as the morning sun's first rays breaking over the waterline horizon ..