So why KetchUp?

If you are like me, then you would love Café Spaces.

The Ketchup Story is a journey. A journey through the many intimate spaces that define your neighborhood experience ~ where you find that perfect slice of life delectably served on a petite plate, the just-right-brew in a cute cuppa, or the stranger you met at the next table, with whom you struck up the most amazing conversation of your day..

Yes, the Ketchup story is one of journey.. An unexpected one through the many tastes..aromas..and connections that only the intimate cafe spaces in your neighborhood can provide.

If you are one of those special breed of people who founded your own Café, then the KetchUp Scenario applies to your space.

Whether we are showcasing Social Influencers at your Café, or listing your Café in our Neighborhoods Portal, Ketchup, like its namesake, is an ingredient that zests up your customers' every experience.

KetchUp, with our community members, will give that special memory to tie in with your Café, a special reason for all to return to your uniquely designed Space.